Grout Colorant

Transform your old floor into a new look!  The results are amazing.  If you are renovating and want to give your room a new look or you are tired of looking at stains on your grout, this is the answer.    Grout colorant will not only change the color to your desire and cover old ugly stains but the grout sealer will protect your grout joints from deterioration and staining.

A sample of our grout colour selections

A sample of our grout colour selections



What is a Grout Colorant?

Grout colorant is a tinted grout sealer.  The grout colorant is applied to the grout joints which will seal your grout joints and provide a consistent beautiful color.

Can all grout be colored?

Only Cement grout joints can be colored as long as long as the integrity of the grout is not compromised.  Fort best results the cement grout joints should be in good physical condition.

How do I care for my grout colorant?

A good neutral based cleaner should be used to care for all floors including your newly colored grout.  We suggest our Vinyl, Tile & Stone Cleaner (FC110).  It is available in a 700mL ready to use spay bottle, 1L  & 4L concentrate bottles or you may purchase it in a kit which includes a 700mL spray bottle and a Microfiber mop.  You may buy the product from us or we can direct you to our nearest retailer.

How many colors are available?

We have 36 beautiful colors in stock.

How long will the grout colorant last?

The length of time the grout colorant lasts depends on how often the floor is used, the type of traffic on the floor and the type of cleaner you use to wash the floor.  The need for reapplication will be from 2 to five years.  At some point the grout colorant wears down and reapplication is necessary.  If grout colorant is applied in a shower the reapplication time may be sooner.

What is the application process?

First, the entire floor will be deep cleaned, the grout joints must be free of all contaminants to ensure a secure bond between the grout and the colorant.  The floor is then given adequate time to thoroughly dry.  Once the floor is dry the grout colorant is applied to the grout joints.  Two coats of grout colorant is standard.  Due to drying time, this is usually a two day process.

How much does grout colorant cost?

The cost varies from floor to floor.  The main factors include the size of your floor and the length of time it will take to deep clean your floor.  Call us for a quotation,  you will be surprised how reasonable it is!